Boost Productivity Across Your Digital Workplace

Enhance your team's productivity with MangoApps Workplace. From task management and screen recording to forms and customizable workflows, our platform provides tools designed to streamline your operations. Simplify project management, improve communication, and automate processes to keep your business running smoothly. MangoApps helps you unlock your team's full potential.

Premium Screen & Video Recorder

Seamlessly capture, annotate, and share screen and video recordings with the included MangoApps Recorder. Perfect for creating tutorials, documenting processes, and sharing visual feedback, this tool enhances clarity and depth in communication.

Screen and video recording makes it easy to convey complex information visually. MangoApps Recorder provides a valuable resource for training and troubleshooting that improve overall team effectiveness and efficiency.

Document Management & Sharing

Employees can manage and organize documents with version control management and real-time collaboration features. MangoApps helps you keep track of document versions to ensure employees have access to the most up-to-date information.

Efficient document management improves workflow efficiency and reduces costly errors. Ensure your teams are working with the most accurate information at all times,

Centralized Task Management

Assign, track, and complete tasks efficiently with MangoApps’ Task Management. Ensure all team members know their responsibilities and deadlines, keeping everyone organized and focused.

Enhance productivity by simplifying project management and ensuring no task falls through the cracks. This drives a thriving digital workplace with better coordination and improved outcomes on all projects.

Online Forms & Workflows

MangoApps enables SMBs to create, distribute, and track data easily with Forms & Trackers. This built-in system simplifies gathering information, tracking feedback, or monitoring project milestones to streamline administrative tasks and improve data accuracy.

MangoApps’ customizable, no-code workflows automate approvals and information sharing, ensuring processes don't get stuck in repetitive loops of human effort. Reduce manual effort, minimize errors and ensure timely handling of critical processes across your organization.

Add-On Module

AI Assistants

Boost efficiency with customizable AI Assistants tailored to your business needs. Affordable, scalable,  securely-trained on your data, and integrated with the LLM of your choice.

Add-On Module

Learning Management System

Seamlessly integrate training and learning into one centralized location. MangoApps built-in LMS is easily accessible and fits conveniently within your team's workflow. Effortlessly build a knowledgeable workforce by providing custom training courses while ensuring compliance – all within a single platform.