Comprehensive Management & Security

Optimize your administrative control, ensure robust security, and streamline integrations across employee resources with MangoApps Workplace. Our platform offers advanced search, user roles and permissions, analytics, and a user-friendly interface. Securely manage your digital workspace with features like SSO, compliance tools, content moderation, and built-in integrations. Gain deeper insights with custom reports and maintain transparency with legal hold and audit trails. Elevates your visibility into the digital employee experience with MangoApps Workplace.

Advanced Search

Employees can quickly find posts, files, and colleagues no matter where they are located with Advanced Search in MangoApps. Anyone can access the information they need without delay, enhancing efficiency and productivity that will save employees hours every week.

Help your workforce save time and boost efficiency by easily locating important content and connections across systems. Reduce the time spent searching for information and reduce disruptions that can lead to significant delays in productivity.

User Roles and Permissions

Define and manage user roles and permissions to control access to your MangoApps Workplace environment. Ensure that the right people have access to the right information and tools, while enhancing security and operational efficiency.

Customize access based on job functions, location, and other properties, ensuring sensitive information is protected and employees only have access to what they need.

Analytics and Insights

Track engagement and usage metrics to measure the impact and reach of your content, and the effectiveness of your employee engagement strategies. Gain valuable data to understand how your team interacts with the platform and what features they find most useful, and where gaps need to be addressed.

SMBs use MangoApps Insights to make informed decisions that shape the experience every employee has at work on a daily basis. Identify areas for improvement and ensure that your digital employee experience is effectively meeting business goals.

Simple, Familiar, Facebook-like UX

Employees benefit from MangoApps’ user-friendly interface inspired by popular social network designs. Everyone can quickly navigate the platform with ease, which immediately boosts adoption and employee productivity.

A familiar UX reduces the learning curve and enhances user adoption from day one. Your employees will be relieved at how familiar and simple the experience is, ensuring they can focus on their work without frustration.

Built-in Frontline User Support

Every employee matters to MangoApps. You can even include users who do not have company email addresses with ease. Ensure that all employees, including frontline workers, can access and benefit from a unified experience that is shared with their desk-bound teammates.

Promote inclusivity and broaden communication reach across your workforce. Enable all employees to be part of your digital workplace, regardless of where they work, the role they occupy, and the technology they have access to.

Single Sign-On with SAML 2.0

Integrate seamlessly with SSO for secure and easy access. Simplify login processes and enhance security, allowing employees to focus on their work without login hassles.

Reduce password fatigue and improve security management. Provide a streamlined access experience, ensuring efficient and secure operations.

Advanced Compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance with standards like HIPAA, WCAG, and more. Meet industry standards and legal requirements and protect your organization against regulatory risks.

MangoApps helps you maintain a secure and legally compliant workplace by ensuring all communications and data handling meet necessary standards.

Content Moderation

Automatically moderate user-generated content to maintain a positive and professional environment. Review and manage content shared in your MangoApps environment by ensuring alignment with company policies and values.

Maintain a safe and respectful workspace. Ensure that all communications align with company policies and values.

Built-in Integrations

Connect seamlessly with tools and applications such as Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, and other cloud-based tools. Enhance the functionality of MangoApps by integrating commonly used tools.

Streamline workflows by connecting different applications. Ensure that employees can work seamlessly across tools, improving overall efficiency.

Customized Reports

Generate custom reports on user activity, engagement, and content performance. Gain deeper insights and tailor data analysis to optimize platform usage.

Use customized reports to identify trends, measure performance, and make data-driven decisions. Optimize how the platform is used to meet business objectives.

Content Governance

Ensure communications comply with industry regulations and corporate governance policies. Maintain regulatory and policy adherence, minimizing risks associated with non-compliance.

Maintain corporate integrity and ensure appropriate and compliant communications. Reduce risks and uphold company standards.

Legal Hold, Activity Logs & Audit Trails

Track all activities within the platform to ensure accountability and transparency. Maintain a comprehensive record of user actions to support legal compliance and audits.

Ensure transparency and accountability. Provide a reliable record for audits and investigations, supporting legal compliance and maintaining trust.