Simplify Teamwork with MangoApps

Unlock seamless collaboration with MangoApps Workplace. From group projects to file sharing, and even meeting and company event management, our tools are designed to enhance teamwork and streamline communication for all employees. Empower your team with efficient document management, multimedia support, and secure external collaboration, in an all-in-one platform.


Create and join groups for focused collaboration, private information sharing, and direct communications with specific teams or departments. MangoApps’ Groups provide a dedicated space for team discussions, project updates, and resource sharing.

Enable teams to collaborate as a whole department, or in specific project teams. Empower teams to share resources and maintain team discussions. MangoApps Groups helps organizations streamline communication and stay organized with a clear channel for project-related interactions.

File Sharing

Employees can easily share documents, files, and media within the flow of their work in chats, groups, and posts. By utilizing File Sharing in MangoApps, employees can trust they have access to the latest and most up-to-date information, documents,  and resources.

Improve collaboration and reduce the need for constant email exchanges and chat messages. MangoApps gives employees access to the right information they need, at the right time they need it, regardless of where they are working.

Knowledge Library

Centralize company resources, policies, and documents, making them easily accessible to all employees within a centralized MangoApps Knowledge Library. This helps ensure important information is readily available and up-to-date to all employees regardless of their current location.

Improve efficiency with a single source of truth for company resources. With a centralized Knowledge Library, teams like HR can store and update employee handbooks and compliance documents, ensuring everyone has access to the most current company policies.

Multimedia Support

Share images, videos, and GIFs to make communication more dynamic and engaging. With support for multimedia, MangoApps enhances understanding and captures attention with visual aids.

Multimedia brings your messages to life, making it easier to convey complex ideas that are vital for employee understanding. This allows teams to share instructional videos and visual guides to improve employee onboarding, training, and development.

Meetings & Events

Schedule and manage company meetings with MangoApps Calendar. Including support for tracking RSVPs and integration with popular calendar apps from Google, Apple, and Microsoft, MangoApps streamlines calendar management to keep employees informed about upcoming meetings, deadlines, and activities.

MangoApps Events simplifies company event planning and improves participation with integrated calendar features and RSVP tracking. Now, company and team leaders can schedule company and team events that take place once, or recur regularly, with automated reminders that ensure the team stays on track.

Multi-Company Groups

Facilitate collaboration with external partners or clients in secure, shared groups with Multi-Company Groups. Work closely with clients or partners, share information, and communicate effectively in private and dedicated workspaces.

Enhance business relationships and project outcomes with seamless and secure collaboration. Now, various teams can collaborate with external contractors, vendors, and suppliers efficiently, ensuring all stakeholders are aligned to the same goals.

Knowledge Capturing & Sharing

Enable collaborative content creation to capture and share knowledge with MangoApps Wikis. Multiple users can contribute to and edit Wikis, ensuring comprehensive and up-to-date information.

Build collective knowledge and promote continuous learning. Various teams can use Wikis to document knowledge, processes, product guides and best practices, making it easy for everyone to access and contribute valuable insights to the company's operation.