Boost Engagement for All Employees

Elevate employee engagement with MangoApps Workplace. From employee directories and polls to recognition and community building, we give you tools purpose-built for SMBs to enhance connection, feedback, and morale. Personalize the digital employee experience with customizable branding, celebrate employee achievements and milestones, and make work fun with gamification challenges. Build a vibrant, engaged workplace with MangoApps.

Employee Directory & Profiles

Employees can find and connect with colleagues across the organization using the searchable Employee Directory. This makes it easy to locate and reach out to the right people, which leads to more efficient collaboration and communication.

Improve internal networking and ensure everyone can find the expertise they need quickly. This is particularly valuable for new hires and growing teams, making it easier to integrate and engage with knowledge across the organization.

Recognition and Praise

Celebrating employee achievements and milestones is an important aspect of the employee experience, and one that is especially meaningful to the individuals being recognized. Encourage a culture of celebration and praise by highlighting and praising accomplishments to boost morale and share gratitude for your employees.

Maintain a motivated and engaged workforce by celebrating successes. Foster a positive work environment and encourage continued excellence, making employees feel valued and appreciated for their contributions at work.

Community Building

Employees can build and nurture communities of interest within the organization. Connect with colleagues who share similar interests and foster a sense of belonging.

Enhance engagement and teamwork by providing platforms for employees to share ideas and collaborate on common interests. These dedicated spaces are essential for strengthening relationships and promoting a more cohesive workplace.

Employee Surveys

Conduct regular employee surveys to gauge sentiment and identify areas for improvement. Gain valuable insights into employee satisfaction and organizational health.

Regular feedback is crucial for continuous improvement. Identify strengths and areas for development, ensuring the company can adapt and thrive, creating a responsive and supportive environment.

Employee Polls

Gather opinions and make informed decisions quickly with Employee Polls. Collect feedback on various topics efficiently and quickly gauge sentiment across the workforce.

Promote a culture of inclusivity by ensuring everyone’s voice is heard. Stay agile by incorporating employee input into decision-making processes, and foster a more inclusive and welcoming workplace.

Employee Milestones

Celebrate work anniversaries, birthdays, and other milestones seamlessly within MangoApps. Marking these occasions across the workforce is proven to boost morale and belonging by showing employees they are valued as people, and not just employees.

Create a supportive and appreciative work culture by recognizing the milestones your employees pass. Empower a workplace that provides a sense of belonging among employees, enhancing the satisfaction they will feel every day.

Company Org Chart

Employees can visualize the company’s organizational structure with the MangoApps Org Chart. This helps everyone understand team roles and relationships, providing clarity on reporting lines and departmental functions.

Helping your workforce navigate the internal structure of your company more effectively will benefit everyone from new employees to in a period of transition and growth.

Branding & Customization

Customize the look and feel of your MangoApps experience with company branding, themes, and personalized user experiences. Ensure the platform reflects your company’s identity, to keep employees engaged with your brand and not ours.

Enhance employee engagement with strong branding and customization. Create a cohesive and familiar environment that reinforces your company culture, making the platform feel like an integral part of the business.


Humans like fun. In MangoApps, all user interactions and engagements are gamified with points, badges, and leaderboards. This helps make daily work more interactive and fun for employees, and helps them feel the effort they are putting in and the progress they are making.

Transform routine tasks into engaging activities that boost productivity and morale. Encourage healthy competition and make daily work more enjoyable for everyone.


Employees can pin important posts and resources for easy access later. Quickly return to frequently used information and critical updates.

Save time and improve efficiency with quick access to key resources. Ensure that important information is never lost in the shuffle, helping employees stay organized and focused.