Bridging the Gap for Businesses

As a medium-sized business running entirely on the MangoApps platform, we understand the unique challenges businesses face and the need for an all-in-one, collaborative, and efficient digital workplace. We exclusively use MangoApps ourselves and are passionate about empowering others with our proven solution.

Best of all, it is more affordable, easier to use, and more complete than Teams, Slack, WhatsApp, Workplace by Meta, and other business collaboration solutions that you may be using today.

Workplace is a Business Communication & Collaboration Tool by MangoApps

Did you know 97% of text messages are read within three minutes, compared to just 22% of emails? MangoApps Workplace is a secure messaging app that facilitates real-time, rich conversations with colleagues without needing personal phone numbers or even email addresses. Revolutionize your digital employee experience with MangoApps Workplace, the comprehensive messaging and collaboration platform for small and medium-sized businesses.

MangoApps Workplace is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses and teams offering tailored solutions to enhance communication, collaboration and productivity. For larger businesses and enterprises with thousands of employees, please visit MangoApps to see our enterprise solution.

Learn More About MangoApps

MangoApps is a comprehensive employee experience platform that helps enterprises modernize, consolidate, and streamline the numerous siloed applications employees typically use into a single, unified experience.

MangoApps Workplace is built on the same robust MangoApps platform that powers all our solutions. This means you benefit from enterprise-grade security and reliability, plus over 15 years of customer-driven innovation.

Unlike other solutions, MangoApps is intuitive and user-friendly, enabling employees to work within a single, unified platform. This significantly improves adoption rates, boosts employee engagement, and enhances team productivity.

Please click here to learn more about MangoApps and the MangoApps Enterprise Solutions, tailored for global enterprises with tens of thousands of employees around the world.