Effortless Team Communication

Unlock team communication with MangoApps Workplace. Enjoy instant messaging, personalized news feeds, status updates, and interactive comments that make keeping your team connected seamless and effortless. Keep your team connected and informed by fostering collaboration and inclusivity across your digital workplace.

Chat and Messaging

Instantly communicate through direct messages and group chats within MangoApps. Quickly send text, images, videos, and files to individuals or groups, with a seamless experience for efficient communication.

MangoApps Chat and Messaging boosts real-time collaboration and problem-solving, reduces email clutter, and facilitates quick communication. Teams enhance productivity and responsiveness with instant messaging for quick questions and answers, as well as spontaneous brainstorming sessions that can take place anytime, anywhere.

News Feed

Employees stay informed with MangoApps’ personalized News Feed that consolidates company announcements, team updates, and social posts in one easily accessible location. Ensure employees receive the  relevant information they need, when they need it, without stealing their attention or making them feel overwhelmed.

A personalized News Feed fosters a connected and informed workplace, without the distractions. Crucial for teams small, medium, or large - important updates reach the right people, at the right time, to keep everyone efficiently engaged and on the same page.

Status & Team Updates

Share your current work status, availability, and task progress with Status & Team Updates. Colleagues can post brief updates on their projects or daily activities, promoting transparency and alignment within teams.

MangoApps helps teams stay synchronized, reducing the need for constant check-ins and enhancing visibility into each other’s work. Promote a culture of openness and accountability, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Comments & Reactions

Engage with content through interactive Comments and Reactions. Comment on posts, add your thoughts, and react with various emojis to express your opinions. This creates a dynamic, active work environment.

Encouraging interaction through comments and reactions fosters immediate feedback, sparking discussions, and gauging sentiment around updates and announcements. This enhances employee engagement, making communication lively and engaging.


Employees can choose how to be informed with customizable notifications that alert them to real-time updates, mentions, and important activities. Users can tailor their notification settings to receive alerts via email, desktop, and/or mobile devices.

Customizable notifications ensure your team stays updated without getting overwhelmed. Urgent and important updates are prioritized, helping them stay focused on tasks while being aware of crucial information.

Mentions and Tags

Enhance the visibility of communication and messages with Mentions and Tags that direct messages and content to the right people. Mention colleagues in posts and comments, and tag relevant content with popular topics and themes to ensure specific individuals or groups are notified and can participate in the conversations that matter most to them.

With more employees, comes more complexity in communicating. By mentioning colleagues and tagging topics, teams can ensure critical information reaches its intended audience, which will facilitate faster and more efficient collaboration and keep your employees from losing or wasting time.

Emojis & GIFs for Quick Reactions

Allow everyone to express themselves with a variety of emojis and GIFs. Respond to posts and comments quickly and expressively, adding emotional intelligence to digital communication. This feature makes interactions engaging and fun.

Emojis and GIFs allow for quick reactions without interrupting workflow. Foster a positive work environment where feedback is immediate and communication is lively and enjoyable.


Break down language barriers with Auto-Translate that automatically translates posts and comments into the user's preferred language. Ensure all team members, regardless of their language, can understand and contribute to discussions.

Promote inclusivity and effective collaboration across diverse teams. MangoApps enhances the global reach of your business, making communication clear and inclusive for everyone.