Compare MangoApps Workplace to Other Messaging & Collaboration Solutions

Compare and discover the top reasons why MangoApps Workplace is the ultimate communication and collaboration solutions for businesses of any size.

Migrate from Workplace by Meta to MangoApps Workplace

Workplace by Meta, designed to bring Facebook's familiar interface to professional environments, may not be the best fit for small businesses due to high costs, privacy concerns, an overwhelming interface, limited integration with non-Facebook tools, and other issues. Plus, it's going away in August 2025. MangoApps Workplace, on the other hand, is tailored specifically for small businesses, offering an affordable, secure, and user-friendly platform that avoids the complexities and distractions of Workplace.

Microsoft Teams vs. MangoApps Workplace

Microsoft Teams, while a powerful tool with a feature-rich ecosystem, it may not be the best fit for small and medium-sized businesses, especially those with hourly frontline workers. Adopting Teams leads to a complex experience that most SMBs don't need, as it requires the use of several other Microsoft tools that employees don't find productive. MangoApps Workplace is specifically designed for SMBs, offering an affordable, user-friendly, and secure platform that avoids the complexities and high cost of the Microsoft ecosystem.

Slack vs. MangoApps Workplace

Slack, though popular and widely used, only provides a small fraction of what employees in a digital workplace need to be productive. Adopting Slack all but ensures you'll have to adopt other apps as well to fill in for the gaps that Slack doesn't offer. The lack of functionality means a Slack subscription is far more costly than it is worth. MangoApps Workplace is not only more affordable than Slack, it is tailored specifically to provide SMBs with an all-in-one employee experience solution that is affordable, secure, and user-friendly platform that meets the employee where they are.

WhatsApp vs. MangoApps Workplace

WhatsApp, while great for personal text communication, falls dramatically short for business use due to privacy concerns, lack of features, and limited integration options. MangoApps Workplace provides the same type of messaging features that are found in WhatsApp, but applies it in a business context that allows for visibility, management, and measurement that WhatsApp isn't capable of. MangoApps takes communication and collaboration far beyond simple text messaging, with a centralized experience that unites your teams and empowers your workers.

SMS Messaging vs. MangoApps Workplace

SMS messaging is ubiquitous. We all use it, and many small businesses try to get by using it as the main form of communication between team members. However, this approach quickly breaks down as more employees are added to the mix. If you have more than 5 people in your company, maintaining communication with simple text messaging will be a recipe for disaster. MangoApps Workplace provides a comprehensive, secure, and cost-effective platform tailored specifically for small businesses, that provide the simplicity of text messaging within a centralized experience that is useful to your employees' daily productivity.

Email vs. MangoApps Workplace

Many have prophesied the end of email. However, these prophecies have yet to come true as email remains an essential tool for communication every day around the world. Despite its essential use, it isn't effective in being the main channel of communication within a company of any size. This is due to the fact that some employees don't look at their email regularly, some employees don't have a company email address at all, and their inbox is already overwhelming. MangoApps Workplace helps your organization move beyond the over dependence on email with a secure, user-friendly, and collaboration-focused platform specifically designed for small businesses, that make use of email communication in the right context while providing more efficient experiences for everything else.