Easily Capture, Record, Annotate & Share with MangoApps Recorder

MangoApps Recorder (previously TinyTake) is a screen capture and video recording software for Microsoft Windows and Mac. With MangoApps Recorder, you can capture images and videos of your computer screen, record your webcam, or both simultaneously. It also offers built-in annotation tools, allowing you to draw and add notes on the screen.

Capture or Record What's On Your Screen

Easily capture screen recordings with MangoApps' Recorder. Record anything on your screen, from presentations to tutorials, and share them instantly.

Improve communication and training by providing clear, visual instructions. Screen recordings help convey complex information quickly and effectively, enhancing understanding and collaboration.

Record a Video Using Your Webcam

Use MangoApps' Recorder to capture videos directly from your webcam. Create personal, engaging video messages or tutorials with ease.

Webcam recordings add a personal touch to communication, making it more engaging. Use videos for team updates, training sessions, or personalized messages to improve connection and understanding.

Annotate Your Captured Screenshots & Videos

Capture and annotate screenshots and videos easily with MangoApps' Recorder. Add text notes, highlight areas, and draw shapes to create clear and informative visuals.

Enhance communication and understanding by using annotated visuals for training, troubleshooting, and collaboration. Save time and improve clarity with MangoApps' intuitive annotation tools.

Simple & Powerful

Ideal for creating tutorials, providing feedback, recording video messages, MangoApps Recorder enables users to quickly add comments and share recordings with others via a link. Easy to use and rich with features, you'll be surprised we offer the non-cloud version for free.

Record a video of your screen or web-cam or both
Capture a region, a window or entire screen
Capture an image using your web-cam
Open, annotate and share an existing image
Copy to clipboard or save it locally
Store screenshots & videos on your computer
Zoom in / zoom out
Assign custom short-cut keys

We offer two versions of Mango Recorder: Free and Premium. The Free version performs almost all the functions of the Premium version, except for storing, sharing, and embedding media in the cloud. If cloud-based storage and sharing are important to you, the Premium version is included with our paid plans. For a deeper look at the differences between the two versions, please see the table below.

Free Version

The free version of Mango Recorder allows you to:

  • Capture and save screenshots and videos locally.
  • Annotate captured media using built-in tools
  • Upload to YouTube or share over email.
  • Completely free - No signup, account or login required

Get started with the no-cost version of MangoApps Recorder by downloading it here.

Premium Version

The Mango Recorder premium version allow you to:

  • Share screenshots and videos in the cloud.
  • Quickly generate sharable links.
  • View your recorded media in an organized gallery.
  • Embed the recorded media into websites.

Already a customer? access the premium version directly through your account.