AI Work Assistants for Every Employee Need

Unleash AI across your small or medium-sized business with MangoApps  AI Work Assistants, the centralized solution for enabling customizable AI integration and management. Simplify IT and boost efficiency, while making advanced AI accessible and affordable.

AI for Everyone at a Fraction of the Cost

MangoApps democratizes AI accessibility, ensuring every team member can leverage AI tools from anywhere, at any time. With unique consumption-based pricing for third-party AI services, like ChatGPT, you only pay for what you use.

Drastically reduce expenses associated with individual AI subscriptions while seamlessly integrating a variety of AI services to meet evolving business needs. Maintain the agility to explore and adopt the best AI technologies without limitations.

Custom AI Training on Company Data

Harness Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to train AI models on your company’s data, enhancing the accuracy and relevance of AI-generated responses. This approach minimizes the risk of incorrect information and bolsters data security and operational efficiency.

Leverage AI outputs that are directly relevant to your business context, reducing the risk of incorrect or irrelevant information. Strengthen the value of generative AI by using in-house data, ensuring AI is perfectly aligned with your needs.

Leverage the LLM of Your Choice for Each Assistant

MangoApps AI Assistants integrate seamlessly with your current IT infrastructure, facilitating effortless deployment and scalable growth throughout your organization without disrupting existing workflows.

With no new infrastructure to setup and maintain, you can scale AI easily to match business growth. AI Assistants seamlessly enhance your processes with advanced capabilities that drive smooth and efficient operations.

Enhanced Security & Privacy

Our AI Assistants prioritize a security-first architecture, guaranteeing that your private corporate data is safeguarded and never used to train large language models (LLMs). This commitment ensures data sovereignty with stringent measures to prevent unauthorized access.

Protect your corporate data at all levels, ensuring it never trains public models and remains proprietary. Align with privacy regulations, safeguarding against unauthorized access and maintaining data integrity.

Unmatched Insight

Equip IT teams with comprehensive oversight of AI services, enabling strict monitoring and management of AI tool utilization. This advanced capability ensures adherence to internal policies, reinforces data security, and maintains integrity across all AI applications within the organization.

Simplify the monitoring of AI tool usage to ensure compliance with internal guidelines. Uphold the highest standards of security and data integrity, reinforcing your organization’s commitment to best practices.

A Future-Proof AI Foundation

Integrate MangoApps AI Assistants to confidently future-proof your strategy. Our innovative architecture keeps you ahead, adapting swiftly to new AI developments, placing you at the forefront of AI technology.

Establish a robust foundation for future AI initiatives, keeping your business at the leading edge of technology. Ensure seamless adaptation to new AI developments, maintaining a competitive edge in a dynamic landscape.