Train Smarter with MangoApps LMS

Seamlessly integrated into one centralized location, MangoApps LMS is easily accessible and fits conveniently within your team's workflow. Effortlessly build a knowledgeable workforce by providing custom training courses while ensuring compliance with advanced AI – all within a single platform.

Personalized Learner Dashboards

Offer learners a personalized dashboard to track their assigned courses, progress, and upcoming deadlines. For users with direct reports, their view shows their team’s progress and allows them to send reminders or assign new courses right from the dashboard.

    Diverse Course Content

    Incorporate various types of content such as text, images, audio, video, presentation slides, and quizzes to create the most effective educational programs based on your course’s objectives. With varied multimedia, keep learners engaged while catering to different learning styles.

    Convenient Mobile Access

    Empower your team to create and take courses anytime, anywhere with full mobile support. MangoApps' LMS ensures that learners can access training materials and complete courses on their smartphones or tablets. Keep your workforce continuously learning, even on the go, with unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

    Comprehensive File Support

    MangoApps LMS supports SCORM, AICC, xAPI, and CMI5 standards, ensuring compatibility with various eLearning content. Flexibility across file types allows you to integrate various training materials seamlessly, addressing different learning requirements and preferences.

    Varied Learning Methods

    Facilitate both self-paced and instructor-led learning to cater to various training needs. Self-paced courses allow learners to progress at their own speed, while instructor-led sessions provide guided, interactive learning experiences. Offer both to support your users’ needs!

    Automation Rules for User Enrollment

    Set up automation rules to auto-enroll users in courses, simplifying onboarding and ensuring ongoing compliance. Immediately give new hires essential training while effortlessly keeping existing employees up to date.

    Customizable Courses and Curriculums

    Easily create individual courses or package them into comprehensive curriculums. This modular approach enables you to design targeted learning paths, ensuring that learners receive structured and cohesive training that’s tailored to their jobs and adaptable to their schedules.

    Effortless Course Management

    Easily delete, duplicate, or edit courses–even after publication. Effortlessly keep your content relevant and up-to-date, ensuring learners always have access to accurate information. With flexible management capabilities, adjust courses in just a few clicks, meeting changing needs in no time.

    Enhanced Course Details

    Include optional course details like estimated completion time so employees can adequately plan ahead and hashtags to easily organize and find courses. Provide learners with clear expectations and effortless accessibility, so they can easily understand the course’s scope and objectives, and fit courses into their schedule.

    Flexible LMS Rules

    Implement visibility rules and prerequisites to customize the learning experience. Control who can access specific courses and ensure learners complete necessary prerequisites, creating a structured and efficient learning path.

    Dedicated LMS Administrators

    Assign specific users as LMS admins to manage and create content effectively, ensuring your learning platform remains organized, up-to-date, and tailored to meet the training needs of your organization.

    Branded Completion Certificates

    Reward learners with custom-branded certificates upon course completion, motivating your employees to keep up with their learning. Recognize users’ training achievements while also reinforcing your organization’s brand identity.

    Advanced Analytics and Reporting

    Generate and download on-demand or scheduled reports to track course and curriculum completion. Detailed insights help you monitor progress and make informed decisions to improve your training programs.